Дополнительные модули HotSpot HSU

WiFi Ads & Coupons

Engage WiFi audience on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Display image and video ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi access. Display coupons on the welcome page and collect customer name and E-mail.

Remote HotSpot Operator

Manage HotSpot remotely, create or modify accounts, get statistics and reports. Simplified interface to generate accounts in a 1-2-3 wizard.

PMS Interface

Integrate Hotel WiFi with your PMS system to automate Internet access. Guests confirms the identity with a room number and personal details and get’s Internet access, like 7 days or 24h. It can be configured for free access or to post charges to the guest room in your PMS.

HotSpot Billing

HotSpot Billing helps you introduce subscriptions, services, packages, promotions, bandwidth booster, dynamic bandwidth actions and keeps track of the customer monthly payments. It helps you perform automatic monthly charges and recurring billing.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept payments from your customers and keep 100% of the profits. Software supports over 70 payment gateways including PayPal. Credit card module helps you automate customer sign-up and payment for your services. Keep all profits without revenue sharing.

Engage WiFi audience on smartphones, tablets and laptops with WiFi Ads and coupons.

HotSpot Click – Image and Video WiFi Ads

Display image and video ads on your HotSpot pages. Offer free Wi-Fi access in exchange for ad watching.

Get realtime ad click and impression reports. Configure ads using web based interface.

Nearly 70% users would watch ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi. Promote brands and monetize by offeringads for access, and high speed access for an additional fee. Ads are rotated each time a user opens the page.

HotSpot Click – Image and Video WiFi Ads

HotSpot Click – Coupons

HotSpot Click – Coupons

Offer coupons to customers who wants to take advantage of sales promotions at retail stores. Display coupons on the welcome page in exchange for customer name and E-mail.

Each coupon is displayed with the brand logo, coupon image, coupon code, optional expiration date, specific offer (like 20% off).

After clicking the coupon, customer can see details about the offer, while software counts the number of clicks and provides coupon statistics. Grant access to advertisers to login, view coupon statistics, and configure new coupons.


Easily create announcements that will be displayed on the HotSpot pages. You can leave maintenance message, quick promo message with customized font, text size and color.

This option is free for all licensed HotSpot users.


HotSpot Click – Statistics

HotSpot Click – Statistics

HotSpot Click collects data on each customer engagement. Impressions and WiFi Ad clicks are available for each image or video ad, and reports are displayed with data and chart.

Advertiser or administrator can define time period for reports or select specific ad or coupon to see it’s daily performance.

HotSpot Click is an add-on module for Antamedia HotSpot software. Zero-risk free trial is available for all users and a licensed HotSpot software is required for deployment.

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